Course curriculum

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    Live MasterClass

    • Introduction & MasterClass Agenda
    • You Need More Clients Right? (Not Exactly)
    • The #1 Mistake Most Freelancers Make (That Guarantees Failure)
    • How Do Your Prospects See Your (And Does It Really Matter?)
    • How To Shake Your "Generalist" Reputation
    • The Discovery Call Mistake That Kills Sales (And What To Do Instead)
    • The Dirty Truth About Budgets (And When To Really Talk About Them)
    • How To Fill Your Pipeline FAST (Without Followers Or A List)
    • How To Constantly Get Clients Every Month (Like Clockwork)
    • How To Get Your First Strategy Clients (In Just 2 Weeks)
    • How To Find Clients With Bigger Budgets (Who Aren't Pinching Pennies)
    • How To Grow Steadily Without Selling Your Life (With Simplified Business Methods)